Why Online Wine Merchandising Is On The Rise

5 Mar

The online merchant industry has been on a rise for a while now and successful e-commerce shopping sites have been able to rake  in thousands of pounds ins sales revenue from their online store.  The wine industry has also followed suit in this line and has been on the rise too.  Online wine merchants such as;  The Perfect Cellar, Laithwaites, Swig and many more offer some of the best deals when it comes to fine wines that wouldn’t be available from typical brick and mortar stores.  Below are some of the reasons why Online Wine Merchants are performing well and on the rise.

Online Merchants Offer More Choice

When it comes to online merchants they offer more of a choice than physical stores that sell wine.  This is because the stores only sell the best-selling items and have limited space to store the wines. Online wine sellers don’t have to worry about this as whenever they need a new item it is ordered straight from the supplier. Items are displayed on the website regardless and orders still arrive on time and in some cases a next day delivery is possible.

Online Merchants Offer a Broader Experience

Purchasing wines form an online wine seller often gives a personalised experience  for each customer. In the case of returning customers recent purchases enables the website to load the customer’s preferences based on the similar products that they may also like.  Say for instance a customer purchased a bottle of  Chateau le Puy  from a particular wine merchant, the next time he/she attempts to buy a few  suggestions similar to this wine will come up and will probably include the Cheteau Les Ormes fine wine too.

Online Merchants Offer Their Expertise 

The best e-commerce wine merchants will display information about wine, it’s origin,  it’s taste and the foods they match well with.  Online merchants try to have as much information on their website to keep customers on their website and as it is a very competitive market the customer can choose from many other online wine cellars.

More Variety of the Finest Wines

Online wine merchants also keep in touch and build relationships with growers and this gives them access to additional knowledge on the wine and where it has come from.   Other merchants even sell the wine bottles exclusively from their site, so you won’t be able to get a particular wine anywhere else other than from that merchant.

Can you think of any more reasons? Leave them in your comments below;


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